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Damp Reports

Suffering from Damp or Mould in your home? Our specialist damp reports highlight the cause of damp and offer the best resolutions going forward.


Damp and mould in your property?

Damp issues within properties can be down to a vast variety of different factors, causing damp to appear on walls, ceilings, around windows and in some cases even on furniture or in wardrobes. Mould usually appears as black spots as a results of a lack of airflow or where condensation forms.


 Not only does mould cause damage to the property but it can have serious impact on the health of the occupants living in the property if left untreated. 

What is a comprehensive damp report?

Our comprehensive damp reports check every possible cause of condensation, damp and mould and provide resolutions going forward on how to alleviate the problem from the root cause. Providing landlords, homeowners, agents and tenants with peace of mind that everything is being done to remedy the issue.

What does a damp report cost?

We believe our damp reports are 

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